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What is a Blisscuit™?

One's a snack, two's almost a meal™

The All Natural, Gluten Free, Low Carb Healthy Food Snack

Good Healthy Snacks for Your Entire Family


Neither a health bar nor a traditional cookie, Blisscuits™ are part of a new building category known as "functional food". No refined sugar – still sweet – low carbs – no wheat with a gluten free recipe – high comfort – real food and Blisscuits help to boost your immune system! Blisscuits consumers come from the health food, snack food, protein bar, and cookie categories.

You might say a Blisscuit is a "healthy" health bar, in the shape of a biscuit–cookie. Research has indicated that ingredients in the Blisscuit offer superior health attributes even when compared to what are commonly called "health" bars – many of which are just another sweet snack to fill your empty tummy's sugar craving. The proven growth of the health and wellness category, including protein bars, has set the stage for a greater level of understanding and interest on the part of consumers, concerning what they eat.

All natural No trans fat 40% organic
Cholesterol free Cage-free eggs Gluten free

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Your Health Depends On It!

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Consumers are bombarded with ads for health food bars, protein bars, sugar free cookies, low carb treats, and the list goes on. In this day and age of nutritional awareness, everyone wants to eat more healthy foods. The problem is that their is mass confusion in the marketplace and unless you read the labels carefully, you may not be getting the nutritional value and benefits you desire for a healthy food snack.

The nutrients in Blisscuits come from whole natural and organic foods which help give you balanced health and energy, while satisfying your hunger and your sweet tooth. For the vast majority of people, Blisscuits will likely be the healthiest and best tasting snack that they can conveniently eat.

All aspects of packaging design have kept sustainability in mind, including post-consumer recycled material where possible and with new recycling technologies being adopted in emerging markets, all packaging is 100% recyclable.

Mariel Hemingway and Blisscuits

Mariel Hemingway understands the importance of "real" food. From her lifetime dedication to health, nutrition, and balanced living, she has gathered years of expertise working with health advocates and scientists to understand what is good for us.

A powerful asset of Mariel's Kitchen™ is Mariel Hemingway herself – founder, spokeswoman, health expert, and Academy Award™ nominated actress and celebrity. Most notable is the accreditation and respect that Mariel has garnered in the health and wellness world. In addition to being founder, partner, and recipe developer, Mariel has dedicated her time to the company as a celebrity spokesperson supported by PR in association with her third new book release, called "Mariel's Kitchen". Impending TV shows, TV series, keynote speaking engagements at the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability conference, also give high level exposure to Blisscuits. Blisscuits will quickly become a trusted brand because of its wonderful taste, incredible food value, and support of healthy living, while being actively promoted by Mariel's involvement and reputation.

When you are looking for the perfect healthy food snack for kids, women or men, choose Blisscuits, the all natural, gluten free, low carb healthy food snack.