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Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert Reviews Mariel's Blisscuits

This product is a HIT!

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All too often celebrities have linked their names to a brand of food and most of the time it has bombed! Remember Sinatra’s pasta sauce, Dennis Rodman’s lollipops, or Bing Crosby’s ice cream? Of course you don't! Now, there are exceptions – most notably Paul Newman, but the reason for the success is that he was personally involved with the recipes.

Blisscuits might well be another success story. Mariel Hemingway has put her health and wellness passion and smarts into these soft, gluten free, all natural snacks. More like a little cake than a cookie, this Cinnamon Blisscuit is tasty and satisfying. The texture, a bit more grainy, comes from the base of almond meal. And by the way, cinnamon has been proven to lower blood sugar and cholesterol. These just taste great – but do be aware that each cookie contains 4¼ grams of fat which comes primarily from coconut and coconut oil. Retails for $4.99 for two cookies.