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Blisscuits FAQ's

Q. What is a Blisscuit?
A. Neither a health bar nor a cookie, they’re a fresh “functional food” in the shape of a cookie. They’re healthy, natural, contain no refined sugar or chemical preservatives and are gluten free.

Q. Who is the inventor?
A. Mariel Hemingway – founder, health advocate, spokesperson, Acadamy Award® nominated actress.

Q. Why don't you call it a cookie?
A. Blisscuits are in a class of its own - pure bliss – unlike typical “cookies”, Blisscuits have wholesome and organic ingredients that help give you balanced health and energy – yet they still taste great!

Q. How many Blisscuits in a package?
A. Two per package - very convenient for purse, briefcase, pocket, backpack or school lunch.
12 Blisscuit packages in our Display Box for each flavor and 4 Display Boxes to a master case.

Q. If you say "One's a snack, Two's almost a meal" why don’t you call it a diet cookie?
A. Because most everyone we talked to told us they associated poor taste and unwholesome with any kind of “Diet Cookie” they knew – versus our wonderful taste and natural goodness.

Q. How long are Blisscuits good after they have been opened?
A. Blisscuits are a tasty, fresh product with natural and organic ingredients, so once opened they should be treated as you would any natural fresh baked product, such as a cake or cookie.

Q. What flavors do you have and what about food sensitivities?
A. Classic Cinnamon, Orange, Lemon and Chocolate. Each flavor is gluten-free, all-natural, contains cage-free egg whites, omega-3 fatty acids, more than 40% organic ingredients, with no refined sugar or hydrogenated oils, making them a good option for those with food sensitivities.

Q. Where can I find them in a store?
A. Each store will be different. If you can’t find them in the cookie, snack or bakery section, ask the store manager. If they don’t carry Blisscuits yet, ask them to!

Q. Where can I buy Blisscuits?
A. We are available in Tully’s (Blisscuits are great with coffee or tea) and other locations. See our "Where to Buy" page for more information.

Q. How should I store Blisscuits and what is their best used by date?
A. We recommend Blisscuits be stored in a cool place. 270 days

Q. Can I freeze Blisscuits?
A. Absolutely and by doing so you accordingly increase their best by date.

Q. Can I purchase Blisscuits wholesale?
A. Yes, if you are a qualifed retailer and/or distributor. Contact our main office at info@marielsblisscuits.com or 888-988-1045.